We treat every person with dignity and respect

We take the time to get to know each individual resident and seek to build a wonderful rapport with them and their family members.

Each person brings with them their own experiences and our nursing care reflects the needs of that individual. Where possible, we always try and encourage as much independence as possible.

Our nursing home

Our highly trained team offers an improved quality of life combined with the highest possible standards of care and we believe that personal choice is of the utmost importance.

We always take personal preferences into account, whether this is in relation to the resident’s plan of care or how they want to spend their time. It is important to us that residents feel that that this is their home, and that their preferences and needs are heard.

Our mission and values

  • First and foremost this is our residents’ home! We respect your rights to feel safe, to be surrounded by your personal possessions and to have visitors at any time (Covid 19 restrictions may apply – see home page). We want you to feel that you have privacy, respect and dignity at all times.
  • We strive to provide the highest level of care in a homely and friendly atmosphere. Every member of the team; assistants, carers and outside health professionals all work together to achieve the same goals.
  • We support residents in their right to total confidentiality, whether it be medical, financial or anything other.
  • All care is directed to meet each resident’s individual physical, mental, social and cultural needs. We work with you to create your very own care plan, to promote individuality and greater independence.
  • We respect each resident’s right to/ or not participate in social and religious activities in and out of the Home.
  • We respect and encourage each resident’s right to make and maintain friendships, pursue hobbies, interests and any other leisure activities.
  • Each resident has the right to a doctor of their choice within the Home’s catchment area.

Additional support

Here at Sandown Nursing Home, we have an Operational Manager as well as a Finance Manager who together have oversight of the entire Nursing Home. This allows Matron to focus all her energies on the care of our residents.

The Operational Manager has oversight of all compliance issues and often carries out assessments of resident’s needs. She is supported by the Finance Manager and administrator who all work together in the admin office. This team can advise on areas of concern such as:

  • Who should fund our residents, getting financial support and when to involve Social Services or the Isle of Wight NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.?
  • What does the Mental Capacity Act cover and how could this affect our residents and their families, including lasting power of attorney?
  • Help in liaising with Social Services, Isle of Wight NHS Clinical Commissioning Group or other Government agencies.

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